1. 2  free trial lessons are given to students. Each trial lesson lasts for 15   minutes.
  2. First trial lesson – Student  gives  self-introduction and  takes a short lesson
    Second trial lesson – Student  takes a lesson from the chosen teacher

    *** We offer TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, EIKEN and other English proficiency trainings. ***

  3. 1 class = 25 minutes = 1 point
  4. Booking a class may be done anytime at least 5 minutes before the actual class time. Follow the steps on HOW TO BOOK A CLASS.
  5. Payment should be settled before the chosen class time until at least 30 minutes before the actual class time. Go to RATES page.
  6. In the case of an internet problem on the teacher's side, the  class will be cancelled and the point will be given back to the student.  But if it was found out that the internet problem was on the student's side, point/s will be given to the teacher.
  7. Substitution system:  If the student accepts, he/she may be given a substitute teacher when his chosen teacher isn't available because of an internet problem or emergency leave.
  8. Students should cancel their classes at least 3 hours prior to their booked classes. If the student cancelled less than 3 hours prior to the booked class, the point/s will be given to the teacher-in-charge.
  9. When the student is late for the class, the class will be finished within the remaining time (the class won't be extended)
  10. For class schedule changes, cancellation of classes and other matters (complaints/ comments/ suggestions), please e-mail  or contact the OVERSIGHT ADMINISTRATORS: Eve ( Skype id: eve_jan) or Eilis (Skype id: mead0394) or Bella (Skype id: oversightadmin3) , OVERSIGHT JAPAN ADMINISTRATOR: Kazuhisa (Skype id: oversight.japan) contact #: +8109039685901, OVERSIGHT CHINESE ADMINISTRATOR: Susan(English name) (QQ Number: 434492842)